Tales of a Drunken Singer

I'm a writer with no readers, a comedian without a crowd, a philosopher sans forum: so I spend a lot of time singing karaoke to attempt to fill my voids.

I only have one goal/responsibility today. I have to drop off an interrogatory to a lawyer who is out for my money. A few years back a roommate of mine took it upon herself to just pack up all of her shit and leave in the middle of the day while I was working a double. My other roommate called me to give me that news, and we both decided what was best was to just clear all of our shit out of there by the first of the month (roughly two weeks) so the landlord could find another tenant. Neither of us contacted the landlord, as we assumed that the roommate who left was going to handle that part: we were wrong.

Now the lawyers are assessing which of us has the money that they can garnish easiest. As it happens, the roommate who left us has since married a military man and has a child with him; this means that because of that marriage and child her husband gets extra money added to his base pay every month. So, if the lawyers can understand that, I think they’d know who to go after first. The other roommate and I are both broke-ass-mofos who can hardly afford our bills as it is each month.

The lawyer told me last week that my next step after turning in this interrogatory was to contact the others so that we can all decide who is going to pay what amount of the total owed, for it accrues interest every month and the longer we wait the worse it’s going to get.

Well, here’s to a good fall break!

2 years ago
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